This Week's Favourites

My favourtie posts to write and read are favourites posts- any sort of favourites post really. I love when people share the things they love the most at the moment. Its a great way to find new shows, products and things to do.

Ive got lots of new favourites right now from the last week that I wanted to share. I havent got any makeup favourites because I think Ive worn makeup maybe 3 times since we've been in lockdown but Ive got a few beauty favourites and lots of random ones too.

Lavender and Vanilla soy candle
I used to pretty much only buy Yankee Candles but I wanted to branch out and support some small businesses and make the switch to Soy candles. I recently found out how toxic regular candles can be so I decided to try to stick to Soy wax. Fun act: Soy wax is completely biodegradable and Soy candles also burn longer than your standard paraffin candle. I found this really cute etsy shop called Chelsea Curtis Candles with amazing candles and diffusers in the chicest packaging. It's £12 for a 220g candle that burns for around 40 hours. 

Watermelon Sugar music video
Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love Harry Styles. Like most of the world, I was sooo excited for the Watermelon Sugar music video and I absolutely love the song. Its definitely a summer 2020 banger! I loved it and I want the entire wardrobe from the video, especially those heart shaped sunglasses. 

Essie nail polish in "saltwater happy" 
I have a love hate relationship with painting my own nails because they always chip after a few days but I hate having no nail varnish on. This pretty pastel blue shade is my favourite spring/Summer shade and Essie polishes are such good quality. They do last longer than any other nail polish I've tried so they are definitely worth paying a bit more for. 

Weighted blanket
My mum bought me a 15 pound weighted blanket a few weeks ago from amazon to help with my insomnia and chronic pain. It's something I've wanted to try for a while but I'm a hot sleeper so I didn't know if it would work for me so I put off getting one for a while. On an normal night it's great, but when we had a heatwave a couple of weeks ago it was a no go so I just dont use it when the weather is really warm. Its great if you have anxiety and you can buy kids blankets and different size and weighted blankets to suit everyone. It feels like you're having a big hug and it keeps me from moving about too much in my sleep. The one Ive got had one cotton side and one soft side and it comes with a removable zipped cover that can be washed.

New Girl 
I've been trying to just watch lighthearted and funny TV shows and films in quarantine to keep my mood up. New Girl is a show that I watched years ago when it first came out and I loved but I haven't seen it in a while. so as soon as it came out on Netflix, I started watching it. Its so funny and each episode has me cracking up. The characters are brilliant and the more I watch it the more I realise Im an annoying mixture of Jess, Nick and Schmidt. Dont ask how, I just am. Ive almost finished watching season 1 but theres 7 seasons so theres plenty more to watch with a glass of pink gin and lemonade.

Olaplex no.6 Bond Smoother 
Now that we can't get our hair done for a while, I've been taking extra care of my hair by washing it less, not using any heat and using Olaplex frequently. I'm a massive fan of Olaplex no.3 so I wanted to try more of their products. The bond smoother is a leave in treatment that protects against heat, is moisturising and smoothing. I use as soon as I get out of the shower on towel dried hair. You only need a little bit to run through the mid length of your hair to the ends. It lowers the frizz in my and makes my hair a lot softer. It's a must have right now until I can get a haircut whenever the salons reopen. 

What are some things you've been loving lately? 

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  1. I keep meaning to try Olaplex No 6. That nail polish shade is so pretty! x


    1. It's so good! I've been wearing that shade all the time. I love a pastel blue. X

  2. I love finding new candles, I bet that one smells amazing!

    Shelley x