Black Lives Matter

I've been wondering what to post on my blog for the last couple of weeks. I had posts planned and ready to go but they just don't seem important at all with all the pain that's going on in the world. Instead I want to use this small platform I have to write about Black Lives Matter and share some resources and links.
For a while I was wondering if I should post anything because I didn't want to say the wrong thing and upset someone but then I saw a quote online that said, "saying nothing is worse than saying the wrong thing" and I think that's true. We need to have those uncomfortable conversations with friends and family memebers. We need to listen to POC and educate ourselves.

As a white female, I know I have white privellage. In England and Wales, black people were stopped and searched 9.5 more times than white people in 2018-2019 and black people were over 3 times more likely to be arrested as white people. Im learning how to use my white privellage to help POC. I've spent the last week or so educating myself. Ive been listening, signing petitions, donating, sharing and learning. There's so much I didn't know about racism and I'm ashamed and embarrassed. I've never struggled to find plasters in my skin tone, I've never been judged because of my skin colour and I've never been scared to walk past a police officer on the street. THAT is white privellage.

Some really important petitions to sign (click on the link and it will take to a new window)

Educate yourself

So, what can you do? One thing you can do is educate yourself. Read books and articles. Listen to podcasts and watch documentaries. You can search on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for different suggestions and recommendations. Im going to watch the documentary titled 13th about the history of racial inequality in the united states. It's available to watch on Netflix and now you can watch it on youtube for free. 

Call people out on their racism
Next time someone says something racist in front of you make sure you call them out. It doesn't matter who they are or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, you NEED to call them out on it. Enough is enough and racial slurs need to stop. Have I called people out for being racist before? Yes, many times. Have I stayed quiet and not called someone out for being racist because we were in a big group and I didn't want to upset anyone? Also, yes. Im ashamed of myself for not always calling people out for their racism. I have a voice and I should use that voice everytime I can make a difference.

Enough is enough.

Educate yourself.


Sign petitions.


Be kind. 

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