Healthy Hair Habits

I love all things hair. If my body and health let me I would train to be hairdresser at the drop of a hat. I love trying out new hair products, hair methods and learning new hair tips. 

As someone who has used bleach on my hair for the last 8 years or so, I've had to take extra care of my hair to stop it from getting too damaged. My hair has been really unhealthy in the past from a factor of different things but now it's the healthiest it's been in a while. There's a few things I do that have completely changed the look and feel of my hair for the better. 

I've rounded up my top few tips and tricks to make/keep your hair feeling and looking it's best. Bear in mind I have fine, oily and stick straight hair. What works for me may not work for people with a different hair type to me. 

Satin pillow case

If you don't have a satin pillow case you need to order one now! I have a pack of 2 white ones from Amazon that are great and another from a haircare company (I can't remember the brand) that's more expensive but they all do the same trick. By using a satin pillow case you limit friz, it stops hair damage and it keep your hair style fresher for longer. 

Wash your hair as little as possible

This is hard for me because I'm unlucky and my hair gets oily after 1 day. I've tried training my hair many time so over the years and it's never worked so I just try to keep my hair washing to every 2 days and that's made a massive difference to the condition of my hair. If I'm lucky, I can even stretch my hair wash to every 3 days but that's rare. On day 2 I just pile on the dry shampoo and hope for the best. 

Use a leave in conditioner/treatment 

The best leave in treatment I've come across is the Olaplex No. 6 one. It's a leave in product made to protect and repair your hair. If you haven't tried Olaplex yet a) what are you doing? and b) do some research and you'll understand why they are such amazing products. 

Use hair oil everyday 

I remember being a young teenager and my old hairdresser said I should use a tiny bit of oil on my hair everyday and I've done that almost everyday since then. There are times when I forget but for the most part I use some daily. I'm not too fussy with what hair oil I use but I do like it to be a lightweight oil because my hair is fine. My favourite for a lightweight oil is the ogx weightless oil mists. The coconut one is amazing! 

Hair treatment once every few weeks

Another one of Holy grail products is the Olaplex no.3 treatment. Honestly, my hair has never looked better since this product entered my life. Unlike other products this one actually repairs the damage done to your hair. Shea Moisture also do some really nice hair masks and Garnier do too. 

Leave your hair airdry

This is much easier said than done for a lot of people. In the winter I cannot let my hair air dry but in the summer I never use a hairdryer. By cutting out the blow drier you cut down on the heat applied to your hair. They are very convenient but they really do damage your locks. If you have to blow dry your hair for some reason, try to leave it air dry for as long as you can before you dry it (and apply heat protectant of course). 

Silk scrunchies instead of hair bobbles

Thank goodness scrunchies are trendy again because they do wonders for your hair. I used to always use normal hair bobbles but they would tug at my hair and get stuck which is painful! I bought a few pretty scrunchies a couple of years ago and I use them almost everyday now. Scrunchies are more gentle on your hair, it stops hair from getting as many kinks and kicks in it and they are really pretty. I have a few leopard print ones and some fun bright coloured ones. 

Use a wet brush

I've used a wet brush for years now and I can't not use it. Its designed to be more gentle on wet hair than a regular brush is so causes much less damage to your hair. I do use it on my wet hair to get the tangles out and I use it on dry hair too. 

Balayage instead of a full head of colour

This has made a massive difference to my hair. Balayage is such a low maintenance way to colour your hair and much less damaging in the long run. With a Balayage you don't have to worry about getting your roots touched up every few weeks
You can go months between colours so it's less damaging on your hair and cheaper in the long run. I've been getting a Balayage for about 4 years now and I love it. 

Hopefully some of there tips can help you. What are your healthy hair habits?

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