Vegan Party Rings Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my little sisters 18th birthday and she asked for me to make her a party rings birthday cake. We are both vegan and this is the first time I've ever made a proper vegan cake. And fun fact for you all, party rings are not only delicious but they are vegan too. 

The recipe I followed was a vegan 3 layered Victoria sponge from My sister had made this cake once before so we knew it was a nice recipe and decided on that one. 

To decorate, I made a simple butter cream icing made with violife plant based butter. I don't think you need to follow a specific recipe for butter icing and I never do but you can find so many recipes online.

I made the cakes on the Saturday and then left them in the fridge overnight until I was ready to ice them. My sister asked for a buttercream icing instead of roll out icing which ended up being really difficult to smooth out so she helped me with that. I don't have a very steady hand. 

I did my first ever crumb coat and then left it to sit in the fridge for 45 minutes before I iced the rest and decorated it. I used about 1 whole packet of party rings to decorate and we used 2 boxes of icing sugar which is just insane!

Overall, I'm really chuffed at how well it turned out. I unfortunately can't taste it because it's not gluten free but my sister has said that it's delicious. Not bad for my first properly decorated birthday cake. 

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